Doral Florida


Doral Performance Dashboard

June 2010 The city of Doral recently launched its web-based performance dashboard which allows the Doral Florida community to access information on the city's various programs and initiatives via internet.  The dashboard includes information regarding capital projects, community programs, environmental initiatives, safety information, wellness programs and more.  The link to the dashboard which requires the Java plugin can be found at...

As of April 2011:

-Anyone noticed the deficit spending graph under departments? The graph shows approximately $74.3 million in revenues in Q1 2011 vs. $115.3 million in expenses, a $40+ million deficit.  However, both the revenue and expense figures are sharply higher than Q4 2010.  Any comment?

-The 107th ave landscape improvement & 33rd Street projects are delayed 

-800 DARE participants & 1411 Get Fit participants in March 2011

-Doral Trolley ridership is averaging approximately 11 thousand riders monthly the last six months

-After spiking in October 2010, targeted crimes are down sharply the last few months.


As of Aug 2010:

-a dog park at the corner of NW 114th Ave & NW 50th St is planned to be completed in Jan 2011  

-NW 114th Ave improvement project between NW 80th St & NW 82nd St is "substantially complete"

-NW 33rd St improvement project east of NW 97th Ave anticipated to be completed Jan 2011

-NW 74th St project between NW 84th Ave & NW 107th Ave anticpated to be completed Sept 2010

-826 to 836 interchange along NW 58th St anticipated to be completed 2015

-traffic citations are down more than 60% from June 2009 to June 2010

-more than 600 participants in Doral's Get Fit program between some 18 programs

-there were 379 vehicular burglaries and 60 residential burglaries reported in the first half of 2010

-in March and May of 2010 the City of Doral Trolley had more than ten thousand riders

-392 building permits were issued in July 2010

-Doral's DARE (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) program had 300 participants in May 2010


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