Doral Florida


Doral Florida Schools

Following are several links to information regarding schools in Doral Florida.  Doral's overall A grade schools are another reason why it such a popular place to live. In early 2008 the City of Doral in partnership with Miami-Dade County schools launched the Career Experience Opporunity Internship Program (CEO) to provide Doral Florida high school students career-related experience and workplace skills.  Companies wishing to participate in the program can sign up at

For the past three school years all Doral elementary, middle and high schools received an "A" rating. In 2009 Newsweek awarded Doral Academy Charter School a ranking among its list of the top 1500 public high schools in the US which effectively places the school among the top 6% in the country.

Barry University 8070 NW 53rd st

Carlos Albizu University 2173 NW 99th ave

Doral Academy Charter Middle 2601 NW 112th ave

Doral Academy Charter High 11100 NW 27th st

Doral Middle 5005 NW 112th Court

Eugenia B Thomas Elementary 5950 NW 114th ave

ITT Technical Institute 7955 NW 12th st

John Adams High 8345 NW 66th st

John I Smith Elementary 10415 NW 52nd st

Miami-Dade College West 3800 NW 115th ave

Renaissance MIddle Charter 8360 NW 33rd St

Ronald Reagan High 8600 NW 107th ave

University of Phoenix 11410 NW 20th st                                                       






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